All-Natural Shampoo Bar – Unscented
All-Natural Shampoo Bar – Unscented - Shampoo Bar LLez'o Environmentally Friendly Shampoo Bars
All-Natural Shampoo Bar – Unscented - Shampoo Bar LLez'o All-Natural Shampoo Soap Bars
All-Natural Shampoo Bar – Unscented - Shampoo Bar LLez'o Plastic-Free Shampoo Bars
All-Natural Shampoo Bar – Unscented - Shampoo Bar LLez'o Premium Shampoo Bars Salon Quality Hair Care
All-Natural Shampoo Bar – Unscented - Shampoo Bar LLez'o Plant-Based Shampoo Bars
All-Natural Shampoo Bar – Unscented - Shampoo Bar LLez'o Eco-Friendly Shampoo Bars
All-Natural Shampoo Bar – Unscented - Shampoo Bar LLez'o Chemical-Free Shampoo Bars
All-Natural Shampoo Bar – Unscented - Shampoo Bar LLez'o Environmentally Friendly Shampoo Bars

All-Natural Shampoo Bar – Unscented

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Our fine grain, French-milled, all-natural Unscented/Fragrance Free Premium Shampoo bar delivers a rich lather and clarifying clean. Our Unscented/Fragrance Free Shampoo Bar has no added fragrance but does include the light essence of our all-natural ingredients.



Wet hair thoroughly. Wet shampoo bar and run the bar through hair, roots to ends. Lather shampoo in hair while massaging scalp to increase blood flow and promote healthier hair and scalp. Rinse well and repeat if needed. Pat bar dry and store on LLez’o Teak Shampoo Dish for maximum shelf life.


LLez’o All-Natural Shampoo Bars are a great choice for gentle hair cleansing. If you currently use a traditional liquid shampoo, your hair and scalp may take a little while to adjust to an all-natural shampoo bar.  Some users may experience waxy or oily hair while your hair sheds any built-up residue left by the detergents and chemicals in traditional shampoos and adjusts to your hair’s natural oil production. Use the bar for several weeks to see how your hair reacts. Giving it time will allow you to see the true results and healthy clean of LLez’o’s Bottle-Free Beauty™. 


Sodium Palmate, Sodium Cocoate, Water, Glycerin, Fragrance, Grapeseed Oil, Shea Butter, Amilite ET-CS-12, Citric Acid. *May also contain Sodium Palm Kernalate

  • Made from All Natural, Plant-Based Ingredients

  • Sustainably Sourced

  • No Synthetic Fragrances or Dyes

  • No Parabens

  • No Sulfates (No SLS - sodium laurel sulfate)

  • Chemical Free

Sodium Palmate: sodium salt naturally derived from fatty acids in palm oil.

Sodium Cocoate: sodium salt naturally derived from fatty acids in coconut oil.

Water: Good old H20

Glycerin: a colorless, odorless liquid from plant sources. With antimicrobial and antiviral properties, glycerin moisturizes and helps prevent dry hair and skin.

Fragrance: All natural, essential oil blend

Grapeseed Oil: derived from pressed seed of grapes. Rich in fatty acids and vitamin E. Anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antioxidant properties help protect the hair and skin from absorbing full damage of UV rays.

Shea Butter: a fat extracted from the African shea tree. Very moisturizing and has been found to have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antifungal, and antibacterial properties. Makes hair stronger.

Amilite ET-CS-12: is a natural, mild foaming surfactant derived from vegetables, and suitable for hair and skin cleaning. Leaves a moist and smooth feeling on the hair and skin.

Citric Acid: is a weak, natural acid, (pH level between 3 and 6) that’s naturally concentrated in a variety of fruits and vegetables. 

*May also contain Sodium Palm Kernalate: LLez’o Premium All-Natural Shampoo Bars DO NOT have Sodium Palm Kernalate as an ingredient in our products. However, similar to a peanut allergy warning, because our bars are made on shared equipment at a facility producing various types of all-natural skin care products from other companies (some of whom may use Sodium Palm Kernalate in their products), we wanted make customers aware who may have an allergy or sensitivity to this ingredient that our bars may contain very small traces of this plant-based sodium-salt from palm kernel oil from other companies’ production runs.  Our manufacturer prepares and cleans the equipment between runs, making every effort to ensure trace amounts of this ingredient are not in our all-natural shampoo bars.

LLez’o Sulfate-Free, Paraben-Free Shampoo Soap Bars

LLez’o: Bottle-Free Beauty™

Zero-Waste Hair Care

Todd G. Wright’s light-bulb moment came in the shower one day as he gazed at all of the plastic bottles of shampoos, conditioners, and body washes. He had just watched a life-changing documentary exposing the mountains of plastics clogging our oceans, our lives, and our planet. The film along with the birth of his grandchildren made him realize he had to do more. And it hit him. Why not start changing the world by creating clean, green, plastic-free products in the world he knows best – the world of beauty.

Leveraging his decades of experience as a beauty industry leader and premier hair stylist with his passion for the environment, Todd created salon-quality LLez’o (pronounced Lee-zoh) All-Natural Premium Shampoo Bars, wrapped and delivered in sustainable, plastic-free and plastic-conscious packaging that is good for you, your family, and Mother Earth.

Todd Wright Founder of LLez'o Environmentally Friendly Hair Care Products

LLez’o is named after Todd’s beloved grandmother, O’zell, (that’s LLez’o backwards) who taught him the value of living well by living simply. In addition to biodegradable packaging, LLez’o scented and unscented plastic-free, chemical-free shampoo bars, use only sustainable all-natural, plant-based ingredients. LLez’o Premium Zero-Waste Shampoo Bars are also sulfate-free, paraben-free, can be used on all hair types, and are safe for color-treated hair.

LLez’o All-Natural Premium Shampoo Bars deliver the quality you expect with the ease your lifestyle demands. Because they are portable and easy to use, they are perfect for both your shower and your suitcase. No liquids mean no travel hassles, no mess, and no waste. Whether you’re hiking off-road or enjoying a luxurious hotel stay, LLez’o Premium Shampoo Bars are at home wherever you are.

Todd’s mission to help change the world is just beginning. He’ll soon be launching more LLez’o clean beauty hair care and skin care products. Products that help you look good and feel good while doing good!

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