5 Ways All-Natural Shampoo Bars Benefit You and the Planet

Looking for clean beauty hair care products that aren’t delivered in plastic bottles? All-natural shampoo bars are a great alternative that is good for you and good for the planet.

Chemical-free shampoo bars look like traditional bar soap, but are formulated with all natural ingredients designed to naturally clean and strengthen hair without chemicals or detergents like sodium laurel sulfate (SLS).

A simple switch to using an all-natural shampoo bar has many benefits for you and Mother Earth.  Shampoo bars:

  1. Use Natural Ingredients. Traditional liquid shampoos often contain synthetic detergents and chemical ingredients to enhance lather and foaming that can have adverse effects on your hair. Like natural soaps, an all-natural shampoo bar is often made with natural, plant-based ingredients such as glycerin, moisturizing plant oils, essential oils and biodegradable ingredients that won’t harm the environment. Grapeseed oil, coconut oil and shea butter are natural oils that clean and nourish your hair and scalp gently without causing irritation.

  2. Safe for Hair. Liquid shampoo is loaded with sodium laurel sulfate (SLS) and other synthetic ingredients. These chemicals cause the foaming and bubbling that people usually associate with cleanliness (totally false as the amount of foam has nothing to do with how effective a shampoo cleans). In addition SLS can strip natural oils from your hair and scalp, causing irritation, greasiness, and dry or brittle hair. Chemical-free shampoo bars contain natural oils such as coconut and palm oil to promote your hair and scalp’s natural oil production and to nourish, moisturize and strengthen hair for a natural clean and shine.

  3. Minimally Packaged. Traditional liquid shampoos come in plastic bottles that while often recyclable, end up in landfills and oceans, polluting our environment. Plastic bottles also waste a ton of energy during manufacturing. Shampoo bars use minimal or no packaging. Cardboard or paper wrappings used for shampoo bars are often eco-friendly and renewable – recyclable and biodegradable alternatives to keeping your shampoo bar safe and clean until you are ready to use it.

  4. Cost Effective. People often use too much liquid shampoo because they think the more they use, the more lather, and therefore, the cleaner their hair will be (totally false). Before they know it, they are out of shampoo. Running a non-toxic shampoo bar through your hair may produce less lather than liquid shampoo, but you use so much less to get the same result. Your shampoo bar may dissolve a little in your shower, but patting it dry after use will help it last longer. Shampoo bars can often last several months, depending on frequency of use and length of hair, saving you money while saving the planet.

  5. Easy for travel. Whether in your suitcase or your gym bag, traveling with liquid shampoo can be a challenge. Airlines limit you to small bottles of shampoo for carry-on luggage, not to mention the mess they can make if they open. Same goes for your gym bag. Using a shampoo bar for your life on the go is easy and convenient. Plus, with no limits on solid shampoo bars, you can make sure you have enough shampoo for a post-workout shower, weekend getaway or a trip around the world.