3 Secrets to a Successful Chemical-Free Shampoo Bar Switch

All-natural shampoo bars are a great choice for gentle hair cleansing. If you currently use a traditional liquid shampoo, your hair and scalp may take some time to adjust to an all-natural shampoo bar. While some people see no adverse effects, some users may experience waxy or oily hair while their hair sheds any built-up residue left by the detergents and chemicals in traditional shampoos and adjusts to your hair’s natural oil production. A transition period can be a few days or a few weeks. Depends on your hair, your genetics and level of build up.

Here are some tips to help you make a successful shampoo bar switch.

  1. Give it time. Depending on your hair, amount of residue build up, and even your genes, the transition period for a shampoo bar switch can be a few days a few weeks or no time at all. Use the bar for several weeks to see how your hair reacts and see the true results of healthy, all-natural hair care. Good things come to those who wait.
  1. Wash your hair less frequently. A healthy scalp and hair does not need to be washed every day. Hair cleaned the natural way without harsh chemicals can go a couple of days without washing. Give your hair a break and allow for your natural oils to do their job for healthy hair.
  1. Rinse thoroughly. Shampooing with an all-natural shampoo bar is different than cleansing with liquid shampoo. Wet your hair then rub the bar on your hair from root to tip. Massage your scalp and your hair to create a lather. Since non-toxic shampoo bars rely on all-natural ingredients and don’t use chemicals to help the shampoo slide right off your hair, you need to rinse thoroughly and perhaps multiple times until your hair adjusts to this new normal.

While transitioning to an all-natural shampoo bar may take some time, you and the planet will be glad you did.